Credit Card Payments for Sun Life VUL Plans

Sun Life is excited to inform everyone that they now accept credit card payments for VUL plans. Previously, only traditional life insurance policyholders were able to use this option.Credit Card Payments for Sun Life VUL plans

However, with this latest update, Sun Life is now offering more payment options to its clients for their life insurance applications and premium renewals.

3 Ways to Pay Sun Life VUL Plan thru Credit Card

You can now use your credit card to pay for a regular peso-denominated VUL plan up to Php 100,000 per transaction. Additionally, there are three different ways that you can use your credit card to make payments towards your plan.

Sun Life’s Client Service Center

You have the option to make payments at more than 70 client service centers (CSC) located throughout the country. To do so, simply provide your credit card to a Sun Life representative to ensure proper crediting of your payment. It’s important to note that this method is only applicable for new applications.

Phone Call

To pay the initial premium for your new application, you have the option to make a payment over the phone. Simply call our client care team at (632) 849-9888 or Policy and Plan Accounting at (632) 555-8888 loc 5690 to obtain an approval code. Once you have the approval code, you can proceed to any CSC to make the credit card sales transaction. After completing the transaction, you’ll need to fill out and sign the necessary documents before submitting them back to the CSC.

Auto-Charge Agreement

Current holders of Variable Universal Life (VUL) policies are eligible to make premium payments using their credit card through an Auto-Charge Agreement (ACA). To enroll in an ACA, simply ask your financial advisor for assistance, and they will submit the enrollment to any Customer Service Center (CSC).

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of plans can be paid using a credit card?

In other words, it is only possible to pay for Sun Flexilink, Sun Maxilink Bright, and Sun Maxillink Prime plans with a credit card if they are regular pay Peso VUL plans

What is the limit per credit card transaction?

The maximum amount allowed for a single payment (whether made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually) is Php 100,000.

What type of card is acceptable?

“Payments for Sun Life credit cards can be made using credit cards powered by Visa or Mastercard.”

Why can I not pay my renewal premium using the first two options?

We have introduced the option of using a credit card to pay for your VUL plan, in order to make it more convenient for you to transact with Sun Life. However, please note that renewal premiums can only be paid through the Automatic Contribution Arrangement (ACA) to ensure that you are not using credit to invest. The premium will only be charged on your policy’s due date, and not at any other time of your choosing.


Sun Life’s credit card payment facility offers a convenient and efficient option for paying for VUL plans. With the Automatic Credit Arrangement (ACA), policyholders can be assured that premiums will only be charged on the due date, and not appear as investments from credit. This feature ensures responsible financial management and helps customers stay on track with their payments. Overall, Sun Life’s credit card payment facility for VUL plans is a reliable and easy-to-use tool that can simplify the management of your insurance policy.

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