How Much First Loan In Pag IBig?

The first loan amount that can be availed from Pag-IBIG varies depending on the member’s accumulated savings and loan entitlement. Pag-IBIG offers cash loans with extended loan terms of up to two to three years, which can be used to cover urgent expenses and financial emergencies. One of the notable features of Pag-IBIG is the ability to apply for a loan online, without the need to leave your home. This allows members to conveniently and easily access the benefits of their first loan without any hassle.

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Moreover, your first loan purpose is to get your multi-purposes such as;

  • Business capital
  • Home improvement and renovation
  • Travel
  • Medical expenses
  • Credit card balance
  • Utility bills
  • Educational expenses
  • Home furniture and appliances
  • Other special events

How Much First Loan In Pag ibig?

Applicants who are eligible should be able to successfully secure a loan exceeding 80% of their standard savings. This loan amount includes contributions made by their employer, as well as monthly contributions and any additional dividends earned. If an applicant wishes to apply for a Calamity or Multi-Purpose Loan, they can receive the difference between their loan balance and 80% of their total PAG regular savings.

First Loan Payment Computational Method Of PAG IBIG

The computation of your loan is based on the terms you have applied for, such as housing loan, calamity loan, or multi-purpose loan, and multiplied by your monthly contributions. PAG IBIG considers your fundamental contribution, which makes up 60% of the factors for your loan.
For instant, for two years loan membership, PAG IBIG gives the amount of ₱2,880. It’s computed as:

4 months × ₱200 × .60

24 months = Total membership contribution

₱200 = your monthly contribution

In the meantime, as you continue to make your monthly PAG loan contributions, you have the option to increase your loan amount. Once you have made contributions for 120 months, you become eligible for a loan factor of 80%.

If you have already received a loan or are already a PAG member, you may also apply for a multi-purpose loan, such as a calamity loan from PAG, using your existing loan amount. In this case, your payment will be the difference between your existing loan amount and 80% of your Total Accumulated Value (TAV). It is important to note that your contributed TAV will determine your interest rates. To ensure a smooth loan repayment experience, it is important to confirm your loan amortization.

Who Can Get The First Calamity Loan From PAG IBIG?

To be eligible for a calamity loan, the applicant must reside in the official region of the local Sanggunian, which is under a state of calamity. Additionally, they must have membership savings (MS) of at least 24 months and provide proof of a valid source of income.

The total amount of funds available for a multi-purpose loan is ₱4,800 for a two-year MS. If the applicant is currently a loan holder of a housing loan, calamity loan, or MPL holder, their loan payment will be considered for qualification.

To apply for a loan, the necessary documents include a filled PAG application form, a valid ID photo, a confirmation certificate of STL slip issued in the loan owner’s name, images of loyalty cards for Landbank, DBP, and UCPB cash cards, and the latest picture.

Landbank, Loyalty Card Plus, and DBP cash cards are unnecessary for first-time loan applicants. Instead, they can finalize their documents by contacting the PAG office. Borrowers must verify their presence within 90 days to receive the loan.

Furthermore, PAG IBIG members are eligible to receive over 80% of their initial regular savings from the organization. This amount includes contributions from the member’s employer or developer, their monthly contributions, and the accumulated dividends earned.


The conclusion regarding the keyword “How Much First Loan In Pag IBig?” is that the maximum amount of the first loan that one can avail of from Pag-IBIG Fund is PHP 500,000. However, the loanable amount may still vary depending on the borrower’s capacity to pay and the appraised value of the collateral, if applicable. How Much First Loan In Pag ibig?Additionally, it is important to note that there are eligibility requirements and documentary requirements that must be met before one can apply for a loan from Pag-IBIG Fund.

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