PAG IBIG Housing Loan Delayed Payment 2024

The Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF), also known as Pag-IBIG Fund, provides financial support for housing and urban development programs in the Philippines. Customers can avail of friendly packages that offer both short and long-term repayment options, as well as multi-purpose and affordable delay plans. The Filipino government oversees this company to ensure it serves the community’s needs. PAG IBIG Housing Loan Delayed Payment 2024

PAG customers can avail of excellent offers such as refunding terms ranging from 5 to 30 years and very reasonable interest charges. However, PAG IBIG imposes penalties for delayed payments. At times, borrowers tend to delay their repayments for an extended period, and PAG manages such penalties. These penalties are not exorbitant, and employers only have to pay a low rate of 1/20 of 1% per day for the total number of delayed days. This fine is applicable to customers who fail to make their repayments within the due date. Upon incurring this penalty, customers tend to pay their amortizations promptly on the due date and time.

In essence, it is crucial to follow payment instructions to ensure that you do not miss or delay any loan repayments. This will enable you to maintain a penalty-free and secure payment history. Building a positive relationship with our IBIG team is important, as any future loan applications will be evaluated based on your past payment history. By adhering to our terms and conditions and maintaining a good payment record, you can take advantage of our loan offers without any limits.

Pag ibig housing loan full payment

If you are able to make a full payment on your PAG-IBIG housing loan, it is advisable to do so to avoid any future complications. Clearing your loan in full will help you eliminate any outstanding balance and ensure hassle-free ownership of your property. Contact PAG-IBIG to discuss the necessary steps for making the full payment.

The Specific Deadlines For Payment In PAG IBIG

PAG has classified the loan payments made by employers into different categories. Employers can choose to repay the loans through different methods. Some may opt for a deduction from their monthly salaries, while others may make additional contributions towards loan repayment.

Meanwhile, HDMF has introduced a payment form for regular PAG members. These members must follow a specified payment schedule, which is determined based on the first letter of their business or name. Customers have the flexibility to select a due date that suits their needs.

Name; Business / Member PAG IBIG Due Date
A to D 10th – 14th day of every month
E to L 15th – 19th day of every month
M to Q 20th – 24th day of every month
R to Z, Numeral 25th – at the end of every month

The PAG IBIG agency has an updated and legal system in place to monitor loan payments. However, there are instances when employers fail to pay their amortizations on time. In such cases, the agency prepares a penalty for delayed payments, which the customers have to pay as part of their interest package. The penalty amount is accurately calculated based on the PAG schedule, from the due date to the current time when the customer is ready to pay.

PAG IBIG is primarily focused on providing housing loans and offers a reasonable penalty cost of 1/10 of 1% per day. There are several checks and balances in place to ensure that the payout computation is accurate, providing customers with a seamless experience.

If a customer misses their due date and fails to make their payments on time, they should review the penalty computation to ensure that they pay the appropriate amount.

How to compute pag-ibig penalty for late payment

Pag ibig housing loan Penalty Plan:

Penalty per day= 1/10 of 1% x Amount Due


The customer’s monthly Amortization is = PHP 6,000

Payment of 1 delayed day

Payment of 30 delayed days

Pag Ibig housing loan penalty for late payment calculator 

Per day Penalty = 1/10 of 1% x 6,000

= 0.1 of 60

=Per day PHP 6

Delayed Penalty Computation For One Month (30 Days):

= 6 x 30

= 30 days PHP 180

Delayed Payment Further Options

Though, the delayed payment forfeit is 1 / 10 of 1% for a single day over the due date. It would be best to examine the schedule and your salary plan. Then, go for picking your suited way for your repayments. Own-business community, self-employed and other members have the unbeatable option of delivering their loan payment monthly or quarterly. Likewise, they have to contribute within ten days of every month throughout the period.

Occasionally, customers have to pick up their acquired package with a repayment method. On the due date, they submit their funds at the exact time. But that Payment is not being received due to documentation errors. Most of the participants draw their flawed signatures or other documents. Thus, this inadequate data is not registered in the PAG IBIG database. It resulted in the failure of payments. You need to focus on your data and then accordingly upgrade your payments. This way, you may stay safe from penalties and delayed payments.

Eventually, the delayed Payment or per month penalty payments will worst your account health. Your payment schedule will be thoroughly distracted.

PAG IBIB Housing Loan has uncovered the whole guidance for your contribution, account details, and even delayed Payments guidelines. It’s your own demand how you can lead your account


In general, PAG IBIG Housing Loan Delayed Payment can result in additional fees, penalties, and even legal action. Therefore, it is crucial for borrowers to promptly communicate with PAG-IBIG and make arrangements for payment as soon as possible to avoid further consequences.

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