PAG IBIG Housing Loan Pasalo | Pasalo Under Pag-Ibig Financing

“The economy of the Philippines has been severely impacted, leading to a reduction in purchasing power for many. As a result, numerous businesses are facing losses. In this difficult situation, some citizens are exploring alternative ways to construct their homes. PAG IBIG is standing with the community and providing the Pasalo opportunity.PAG IBIG Housing Loan Pasalo | Pasalo Under Pag-Ibig Financing”
The term “Pasalo” is a Tagalog word that means “pass it on.” It is used when a buyer who has taken out a loan is unable to continue making payments due to personal reasons. In such a situation, the buyer looks for another person who is willing to take over the loan payments on their behalf. This process is known as Pasalo, as the buyer has essentially passed on their loan to another party. Along with this process, certain documents are required to ensure that the transfer of ownership is legitimate.

In the meantime, PAG IBIG offers certain arrangements for the Pasalo Housing loan, which is a beneficial approach for those who are interested in moving into the same project. If you wish to become a Pasalo partner, you would need to pay the same initial amount that the primary partner has paid, and then assume responsibility for the remaining balance on the property. However, the question remains: how can you finance your Pasalo property?

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To promote Pasalo Property, you should take deliberate actions. Start by visiting the property, regardless of whether it’s located in your preferred area, and then inquire about the PAG IBIG institute. It’s possible that the maximum loan amount is enticing for new members and that the remaining payments are advantageous to you. You may need to have a higher budget to pay for the full package of the property. Both members should agree to all the terms and conditions and have the agreement approved by PAG IBIG.

It is advisable to establish an official collaboration with PAG IBIG regarding your assumption of the loan. There are instances where PAG IBIG cannot accept a new member as the loan owner, particularly when routine borrowers have changed ownership without proper documentation. The land title has been issued to the first registered owner, hence it is important to follow the correct procedure to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership and prevent any financial losses.

PAG IBIG Pasalo Housing Loan Achievement

After you have finalized the property transaction with PAG, there are three payment options available to purchase your Pasalo housing property.

On Behalf Of The First Buyer, Directly Pay To PAG IBIG:

To complete the loan payment for your first Buyer, you will need to directly pay the remaining amount to PAG. It’s important to remember that this agreement is between you and your Buyer, and it’s an internal agreement. To ensure a smooth process, you should assign specific documents to your Buyer and provide them to the PAG agency. You can obtain access to your first partner’s Statement of Account (SOA) by visiting the official counter and submitting an application. Additionally, you can update your partner’s address and other details, including a Power of Attorney (SPA).

Get Your Balance Thru A New Loan From PAG IBIG:

This approach relies entirely on financing from PAG, and you will need to pay off the remaining balance with trust. To obtain additional funds, you must apply for a loan through the PAG housing scheme. While this method requires more effort, it is a reliable and correct way to proceed from the beginning. Additionally, once your loan application is approved, the property will be officially named after you rather than your partner.

Furthermore, under this method, the primary buyer is required to make payments for two years. After this period, the entire amount will be paid to PAG from your side, and you can check your balance through SOA. This is the most advantageous and legitimate way to obtain the balance.

Balance Payment Outside Of The PAG Company:

The easiest but also the riskiest way to pay for a property is by paying your partner directly. This type of agreement is only between you and your partner, and it relies heavily on trust between both parties. With this method, the property will be named after the first member until the second member completes the remaining payments. Afterward, the second member will become the owner of the property. PAG IBIG is not directly involved in this type of arrangement.

However, once the remaining PAG balance has been paid, it is important to prepare the necessary property ownership documents. These documents are required for both the second and third payment methods.

  • Special attorney authority letter
  • Rights alteration with the assumptions of obligation
  • Contract of the entire payment
  • Waiver of Relinquishment of Rights
  • sale letter with the mortgage statement

Pasalo Housing Properties Of PAG IBIG

Over 9,742 properties in the Philippines are classified as Pasalo lots and housing under PAG IBIG. These properties can be acquired through a PAG Housing Pasalo Loan, which has an estimated price range of ₱ 590K – ₱ 4.70M. To avail of this loan, you will need to personally visit the property, prepare your agreement, and submit your loan application. With PAG IBIG’s Pasalo loan, you can enjoy the benefits of owning your dream property.


The keyword “PAG IBIG Housing Loan Pasalo | Pasalo Under Pag-Ibig Financing” refers to the option of transferring the housing loan balance to another borrower who will take over the responsibility of paying the loan under the Pag-IBIG financing program. This arrangement allows the original borrower to transfer ownership of the property and avoid defaulting on the loan payments. PAG IBIG Housing Loan Pasalo | Pasalo Under Pag-Ibig FinancingThe Pasalo option may have certain eligibility requirements and procedures that need to be followed to ensure a smooth transfer of the loan balance.

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