How to pay Pag-IBIG Contributions, MP2, and Loans via the new Bayad app

The new Bayad Center app offers a Pay Bills feature that allows users to pay not only their utility bills but also some government services and agencies. One of the app’s billing partners is Pag-IBIG, which enables users to pay their monthly contributions, MP2 Savings, and loans. How to pay Pag-IBIG Contributions, MP2, and Loans via the new Bayad app

This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to use the new Bayad Center app to pay for Pag-IBIG Contributions, MP2 Savings, or Loans. It is important to note that if you are still using the old Bayad Center app, you must use up any remaining funds before July 30, 2021, as the app will be deactivated after this date.

they introduced the new Bayad app, and the logo also changed.

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For the complete guide to downloading the app, signing up for an account, and upgrading a basic account, here is the link:

  1. Haven’t received any funds yet?
  2. How to deposit money into your Bayad E-Wallet via BPI Online?
  3. Different methods to add funds to your Bayad app account for making online bill payments.


How to download and install the new Bayad app Can you confirm if my paraphrasing of the given statement is correct? “Are funds not yet available? How can I top up my Bayad E-Wallet using BPI Online? What are the methods to add money to a new Bayad app account for online bill payment?”

Steps to Pay Pag-IBIG Contributions, MP2 Savings, or Loan

1. Upon logging in to your Bayad account, on the main dashboard, tap the Pay Bills icon.

2. Select Government from the billers category and choose PAG-IBIG from the list.

3. Enter the required biller information:

  • Preferred Nickname (Optional)
  • Account Number (Enter PRN here)
  • Amount to be paid
  •  Payment Type
    • Membership Savings
    • Housing Loan
    • Modified Pag-IBIG 2
    • Short Term Loan
  • Bill Date
  • Due Date
  • Contact Number

You have the option to save the biller for future use.

Then, tap the NEXT button.

4. Please review the details of your bill payment and click on the CONFIRM button to proceed with the payment. Please note that a transaction fee will be applied to the total payment amount.

5. The payment will be handled and you will be notified via both SMS and email when the payment has been completed.

The payment will be processed and you will receive a notification via SMS and email once the payment has been posted.

To check if the payment has been posted, login to your Pag-IBIG online account

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