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Are you considering applying for a PAG-IBIG Salary Loan but want to know how much you are eligible to borrow and what your repayment terms would be? Our PAG-IBIG Salary Loan Calculator can provide you with an estimate! All you need to do is enter your desired loan amount, term, PAG IBIG Salary Loan Calculator, and interest rate to get an instant calculation of your monthly repayments. This tool can help you make informed decisions about your finances and plan your budget effectively. Try it out now to see how much you can save!

PAG IBIG has provided clear instructions on how borrowers can calculate their salary loan. As a national savings program. PAG IBIG MP2 calculator offers Multi-Purpose Salary Loans to eligible borrowers. It is crucial for borrowers to understand how to calculate their salary loan.

it can be said that PAG IBIG was initially established to provide housing loans, but over time it has expanded its services to include various short-term, multi-purpose salary, and calamity loans. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the specific purposes for which PAG IBIG offers its loans. Discover the incredible power of the official PAG IBIG calculator and unveil the precise loan amount that awaits you.

Pag-ibig multi purpose loan calculator

The Pag-IBIG Multi-Purpose Loan Calculator is a helpful tool for people in the Philippines who need financial assistance. It makes it easy to figure out how much money you can borrow from the Pag-IBIG Fund based on your monthly contributions and how long you want to repay the loan. By entering your income, interest rate, and loan term, the calculator gives you an estimate of your monthly payments and the total interest you’ll pay. It’s a simple and convenient way to plan your finances and access the funds you need for different purposes.

Purpose Of PAG IBIG Loan

  • Home Renovation
  • Business Development
  • Capital of minor businesses management
  • Salary loan assessment
  • Debt consolidation
  • Educational fulfillments

PAG IBIG Eligibility Criteria For A Salary Loan

  • Have at least one PAG IBIG membership savings in the last 6 months, with the latest contribution made at least one month before submitting your loan application.
  • Have completed 24 months’ worth of contributions, or have completed a membership saving plan of at least P4,800 with PAG IBIG.
  • Have a good credit standing with your existing loan pact until the date of your salary loan application.
  • Provide sufficient income proof in your salary loan letter.

If you meet all the above criteria, you can accept either a Calamity Loan or a Salary Loan for Multi-Purpose.

PAG IBIG loan calculator

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Pag ibig Salary loan Requirements

For your quick salary loan approval, accomplish these necessary documents first;

  • Borrower’s valid ID (2) photocopies

The latest slip in income source
The Business Mayor’s permit slips, as well as valid income proof or commission vouchers and their corresponding photocopies, are all considered acceptable.

For Employed Borrowers:

  • GSIS or SSS verified number
  • Certificate of your net income for the recent month. You can also attach a photocopy of your one-month payslip with your application.
  • Your favorite or connected PAG IBIG employer’s ID
  • Employer’s signature on the MPLAF

Branch Code of PAG IBIG agency which you have selected.

PAG IBIG Salary Loan Calculator

Therefore, when applying for a PAG-IBIG loan, the amount you can borrow is based solely on your Total Accumulated Value (TAV), which is determined by your income source and salary.

How to compute pag ibig loan

Though you contributed total amount is multiplied by to loan amount according to this official percentage:

Monthly Contributions TAV
24 – 59 months More than 60%
60 – 119 months More than 70%
120 months at least More than 80%

If your per month contribution is Php200.00. Then you can calculate how much amount you can get for this Salary Loan:

  • Add up your monthly PAG IBIG contributions.
  • Multiply the total by Php 200.00.
  • Use the percentage table to determine your contribution category.
  • Calculate your Total Accumulated Value (TAV) based on the official percentage for salary loans.
  • For example, if you plan to contribute for 35 months, multiply 35 by Php 200 to get Php 7,000.
  • Multiply Php 7,000 by 60% to get Php 4,200.00, which is your TAV.
    “You can obtain an annual interest rate for a salary loan. As a result of your instrumental role in establishing this loan agency, we are proud to offer the lowest interest rates for loans across the country. It’s important to note that our applicants are required to make equal loan payments within their chosen repayment period.”

Computation Of  PAG IBIG Salary Loan

As PAG IBIG is a government institution, we strive to make the application process as convenient as possible for our applicants. You no longer need to manually compute your loan amounts because we have provided a Salary Loan Calculator on our website. This calculator will help you quickly determine your interest rate and provide guidance on your total payments.

Salary Loan Application

In order to apply for a PAG IBIG loan, applicants must first confirm that they meet the basic requirements and eligibility criteria. They should then complete the PAG IBIG Multiple Purpose Loan-Application Form (MPLAF).

When applying for a salary loan, the borrower must be an active member and apply in person at a PAG IBIG counter. They must have made contributions for at least 5 out of the last 6 months.

To apply, the applicant should prepare their documents and fill out the application slip at their nearest PAG IBIG branch. The branch will issue a prepaid Citi card for PAG IBIG membership, which will be used to receive salary loan credits.

It is important to note that if the applicant is continuously moving between cities without a confirmed destination, PAG IBIG will not issue the loan or approve the collaboration. This is because the organization conducts thorough verification of the applicant’s salary sources, personal details, and destination, and is not centralized for different monthly contributing places.

Process After Filling Out The Salary Loan Application

We will swiftly approve your salary loan application and issue your loan in no time. If you have not received the calculated amount within 23 working days, please visit our official counter.

In addition, your monthly salary loan payment will be automatically deducted from your registered salary, based on your chosen repayment method. Self-employed members are required to provide a bank arrangement slip, PAG salary loan fee, and verified documents.


How Do You Calculate The Loanable Salary Amount Of PAG IBIG?

PAG IBIG provides borrowers with up to 80% of their requested loan amount. The loan amount is based on the borrower’s PAG IBIG savings, which include their monthly contributions, official monthly percentage, and Total Accumulated Value (TAV).

Which Amount Does PAG IBIG Offer You For Your Salary Loan?

You are requesting a salary loan ranging from Php 1,250,000 to Php 6,000,000, with PAG IBIG providing 80% of the total amount. You can determine your total salary loan amount by using the official PAG IBIG calculator.

Is short-term or long-term Salary Loan Accessible For All The Applications In The Philippines?

PAG IBIG offers loans for various purposes such as housing, emergencies, and Pagibig short-term or long-term financial needs to all citizens who meet the eligibility criteria. This funding organization is accessible to government employees, self-employed individuals, overseas Filipino workers, and other workers. If you have a PAG IBIG membership card, you can apply for a salary loan.


The PAG-IBIG Funding Organization provides borrowers with Salary loans, which can be used for a variety of immediate financial needs. With the help of a Salary loan calculator, you can determine the amount you need to pay. If you’re new to the loan application process, it’s a great idea to use PAG IBIG Salary Loan Calculator or pag-ibig multi purpose loan calculator to determine your loan amount. Simply obtain your PAG-IBIG membership card and apply for a Salary loan to take advantage of this opportunity. Enjoy the benefits of your Salary loan today!

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