What is CRN for SSS and Where to Find it?

The acronym CRN in SSS stands for Common Reference Number, which functions as a connector to your corresponding membership numbers for Social Security System, Philhealth, Pag-IBIG Fund (HDMF), and GSIS. What is CRN for SSS and Where to Find it?

The CRN for SSS can be located on the upper right side of your UMID ID card. This is a 12-digit number that is provided by the Social Security System for individuals who are employed in the private sector, or by GSIS for those who are employed in the government sector when they apply for their UMID ID.

It is worth noting that GSIS does not create its own CRN. Instead, this government agency obtains the CRN from the Social Security System (SSS) and distributes it to its new members. Thus, it appears that the generation of the CRN is handled by SSS, while GSIS is responsible for distributing it to its members.

To put it differently, current members of the Social Security System (SSS) have the option to use their Common Reference Number (CRN) when creating an online account with the agency. In the event that a member has already registered for an SSS account online but has forgotten their login details, they can also use their CRN as an alternative to reset their login information online, particularly if they do not remember their Social Security Number.

In 2010, the SSS began implementing the Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) card, and five years later, in 2015, the agency redesigned the card’s features, but the location of the CRN remained the same. One may wonder if the CRN and SSS Numbers are interchangeable, but unfortunately, they are not. The CRN has 12 digits, while the SSS Number only has 10 digits, and the digits between the hyphen are also distinct. Nevertheless, these numbers are somewhat correlated.

I believe that having a UMID card has the benefit of eliminating the need to carry other government-issued IDs. When conducting transactions with Pag-Ibig Fund, Philhealth, Government Service Insurance System, and Social Security System, you only need to present your UMID card.

MID ID and SSS ID. Check the numbers that the arrow is pointing to. So you can see the respective samples of CRN and SS numbers.

Before the implementation of the CRN system, SSS members were identified using their Social Security System number (SSS number). However, this posed problems for some members who had lost or forgotten their SSS number. With the implementation of the CRN system, members can easily retrieve their numbers and access their SSS records.

Where to Find Your CRN?

There are several ways to find your CRN. Here are some of them:

  1. SSS UMID Card The Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) card is a government-issued ID that serves as a valid ID for various government transactions. It also serves as an SSS ID card, PhilHealth ID card, and Pag-IBIG ID card. If you have a UMID card, your CRN is indicated on the front of the card.
  2. SSS Form E-6 The SSS Form E-6 or the SSS member data change request form contains your CRN. You can get a copy of this form from any SSS branch or download it from the SSS website.
  3. SSS Text Inquiry If you have registered your mobile number with the SSS, you can inquire about your CRN through text. Just text SSS CRN <SS number> to 2600. For example, if your SSS number is 1234567890, you should text SSS CRN 1234567890 to 2600.
  4. SSS Online Inquiry You can also check your CRN online by logging in to your My.SSS account. Once logged in, your CRN will be displayed on your dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I use my CRN instead of my SSS number? No, your CRN is not a replacement for your SSS number. Your SSS number is still your primary identifier in SSS transactions.
  2. What should I do if I lost my UMID card? If you lost your UMID card, you can request for a replacement card from the SSS. Once you receive your replacement card, your CRN will still be indicated on the front of the card.
  3. Can I change my CRN? No, you cannot change your CRN. It is a unique identifier assigned to you by the SSS.
  4. What if I cannot find my CRN through any of the methods mentioned above? If you cannot find your CRN through any of the methods mentioned above, you can visit any SSS branch and request for assistance.


Knowing your CRN is important as an SSS member. It is a unique identifier that is used to access your SSS records and is required in any SSS transaction. There are several ways to find your CRN, including checking your UMID card, SSS Form E-6, through text inquiry, What is CRN for SSS and Where to Find it? and online inquiry. What is CRN for SSS and Where to Find it?

If you cannot find your CRN through any of these methods, you can always visit any SSS branch and request assistance.


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