How To Check Sim Card Registration Reference Number Globe?

It is important to register your Globe SIM according to the new Philippine act. Whenever you buy a new Globe or Smart SIM, you need to register it first. If you are using an old SIM, then register it; otherwise, it will be blocked.

When registration is completed, you will receive a reference number. Save that reference number because it may be needed in the future if registration is not completed

How To Check Sim Card Registration Reference Number Globe?

First of all complete your globe sim registration. If you don’t know how to check the reference number on a Globe SIM card, then here are the steps to follow.

  1. Dial the hotline or visit Globe’s website.
  2. Follow the automated system’s prompts.
  3. Provide required personal details.
  4. Request your SIM’s reference number.
  5. Note down the reference number.
  6. Keep your SIM and info handy for the call. Remember, procedures may vary, so double-check the website or ask staff for accurate information.

Process to Get Reference Number in Globe

On your Globe mobile phone, start by dialling *143#. This will launch the registration procedure and present you with a number of choices.

Choose the option:

Proceed through the options and pick the SIM registration option. This will direct you to additional guidance about the procedure of registration.

Screen Instructions

Follow the instructions showed on the screen and type the values of the prompted information into the needed fields. Normally, it can be set to reveal your identity but it is limited to some personal information, such as name, address, and proof of identity.

Get the reference number:

Your reference number will appear in a confirmation message that you will get after completing the registration procedure. SIM registration will be reliant on your unique identity; if you have

Final Words

Always save your globe reference number for future procedures. Getting your reference number in Globe SIM Registration is a simple procedure that guarantees compliance with legal specifications and improves the safety of your mobile transmission.

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