PAG IBIG House Construction Loan (Requirements, Calculator, Form)

Many individuals aspire to build a home for their families at some point in their lives. Having a secure place to live and raise loved ones is a common dream. However, not everyone is able to fulfill this dream through the support of banks. In the Philippines, the government has established PAG IBIG, an agency that provides House Construction loans to Filipino workers. PAG IBIG House Construction Loan (Requirements, Calculator, Form) PAG IBIG evaluates the applicant’s area of interest, such as their plans for building their shelter, to ensure that the loan is used for its intended purpose and not spent elsewhere.

  • PAG IBIG prefers to check your area of interest, like your work plans towards
  • The lot and Home Purchase
  • Lot property purchasing offer only
  • House construction loan
  • House renovation and improvement loan
  • “We are talking about a loan for managing a house that covers all the essential needs for building a home. The PAG IBIG loan can be used for basic renovation needs.”PAG ensures that customers don’t spend their money somewhere else than the purpose of the loan
  • PAG IBIG Assists You In Sponsoring Required Projects
  • Let’s know about your financial capacity before acquiring any loan, either home or another purpose. Make your assets, liabilities, monthly income, and further payslips for borrowing. Prequalified doesn’t represent your loan’s pre-approval, but it’s related to preparing yourself for enhancing your loan acceptance chances.

Pre-Approval For Loan

After organizing your most recent income tax returns, recent bank statements, employment certification, and any additional bank records, you have finally obtained the chance to apply for the loan you want. As a result, your loan application may now be preapproved.

PAG IBIG Housing Loan

You can obtain a loan for constructing a house in the Philippines, based on your standard of living. PAG IBIG facilitates a series of loan payments with minimal requirements and affordable interest rates, enabling workers to easily secure a loan and build a home. PAG IBIG has partnered with various organizations, applications, and even banks through its official centers, all geared towards providing assistance and streamlining the loan attainment process.

Interest Rates For Loan

You have the whole guide of interest rates, and now you can pick your suitable interest rate according to your loan. Consider your monthly amortization, title transfer fees, taxes, and related housing loan fees.

Customers Must Need To Know The House Construction Loan

One of our clients shared their experience with obtaining a home construction loan. They researched various banks and assessed their requirements and income sources, including East West Bank and other organizations. However, they found that PAG IBIG was the most reliable option, despite requiring more documentation for loan approval. PAG IBIG also offers customer-friendly packages. As a result, the client decided to pursue a loan with PAG IBIG.

They then prepared and submitted various documents, including identification cards, vicinity maps, employment certificates, tax declarations, proof of income, bank statements, income tax returns, and other pay slips as required by the PAG IBIG application form.

The official website instructed us to wait for our loan approval letter, and we received it after two months. Later, official managers visited our locality to verify our documents, and we eventually received an installment of about P6 Million with 30 years of relaxing loan amortizations. With this amount, we constructed a furnished home in a well-suited location.

During this process, we discovered that other organizations offer payments based on the progress of your construction. To avail of this option, you must start your construction before applying for a loan. However, we proceeded with our application to PAG IBIG and received payment slips immediately, staying in touch with their official counter for further instructions. Within a short period, we moved into our newly constructed and fully equipped home.

We enjoy discussing with our friends how acquiring a housing loan from PAG IBIG can help make your dream life a reality.


How Many Days Are Required To Process A House Construction Loan?

The process of getting a loan from PAG IBIG typically takes anywhere from two days to a few months to complete. Once your loan application is approved, you may receive more than 80% of your usual savings.

Can You Get Your House Construction Loan Easily From PAG IBIG?

Certainly, whether you are a novice or an existing member of PAG IBIG, you are eligible to apply for a PAG IBIG House Construction loan at any time. Once you have met the eligibility requirements for your loan, proceed to fill out your construction loan application form.


It’s the perfect time to eliminate the headaches from your life and put your energy into constructing a shelter for your family. You can accomplish your pretty challenge to comply with your dream and home construction.  

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