How To PAG IBIG Housing Full Payment? (My Guide)

PAG IBIG members now have comprehensive guidance on how to apply for full payment.
How To PAG IBIG Housing Full Payment? (My Guide)This means you can now secure your desired interest rate for a PAG IBIG home loan and enjoy the benefits of full payment amortization for your PAG IBIG house loan. It’s worth noting that PAG IBIG offers up to P6 million for your full housing loan.

How Can A Borrower Pay His Full PAG IBIG Payment?

  • Visit the AUB branch, where you can pay for over-the-counter (OTC)
  • Find out the Virtual teller to get your transaction amount
  • You have a long list of bills
  • Click on the PAG IBIG loan fund from the billers’ list
  • Fill out your payment form by inserting all the required information
  • Attach your validated documents (if mentioned)
  • Get your transaction queue slip
  • After your data confirmation, select the printing option
  • Get your payment filled form
  • Submit your payment at the counter or here on your portal.
  • Pick up the payment application form.
  • Fill out the loan application form.
  • Submit the filled-out loan application.
  • Wait for the processing to be completed.
  • Once the processing is complete, obtain your full payment receipt.

Additionally, if you wish to make advanced or accelerated loan payments, the PAG IBIG virtual platform is the ideal option. PAG-IBIG has numerous branches across the country that are involved in loan payments. You can visit the nearest branch or obtain your credentials through your partner’s outlets via the registered online channel. This allows you to pay your entire loan payment in advance.

There are several methods available to obtain and repay your full loan payments, so you can choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Over Counter Payment (OTC) Guide

Non-Bank Payment

ECPaM. Lhuillier


SM business centers

Monthly savings and Housing Loan Amortizations

MP2, eSRS employer payment, Loan Amortization (Housing loan, Calamity, and short-term loan)

Select your required payment form.

Fill your form with accurate information.

Your account number, MP2, House Account Number (HAN), or MID must be the same as your monthly official statement.

PAG IBIG loan fund dues are paid as,

Get your virtual payment slip.

The slip must contain your updated transaction number

Get your receipt that serves as your payment proof.

Bank Payments

Once you become a member of PAG IBIG, you will need to visit bank branches for various payments such as monthly savings plans, housing loan amortizations, MP2, and other payments to obtain the total price.

UCPB: United Coconut Planters Bank

UCPB’s process plan includes the following steps: submitting the membership savings (MS) remittance, paying off the PAG loan amortization, and providing additional amount details for individual payout (IP).

To make a payment, access the billing payment portal and select the PAG IBIG housing loan option. Then, update the necessary details as require

PAG IBIG Membership Owners:

Membership ID (MID) of PAG members

Choose your payment time period

Your MP2 account details are essential

  • Borrowers’ payment instruction number (PIN)
  • Business name
  • Income source slip
  • Get the print of your payment slip
  • Pay your loan amount along with your payment slip to your nearest UCPB branch.Note
  • Borrowers need specific numbers to make payments for PAG IBIG loans
  • These numbers include the Housing Account number for HL payments, the Account MP2 number for MP2 payments, and the MID PAG registered number for STL or MS remittance
  • Once payment is made, the branch will give the borrower a validated payment contract as proof of payment
  • Other banks, such as UCPB, may also be involved in the payment process.
    Last payment slip on your ID

PAG IBIG Housing Loan:

Loan identification number for your house Select your preferred payment option, either quick or relaxed Receive your updated payment letter

PAG IBIG Remittance Of Employers:

AUB: Asia United Bank

The operations of AUB rely on the payment of different types of loans, including Membership Savings payments, Housing loans, Calamity loans, Multi-Purpose loans, Modified PAG IBIG II, eSRS, and other types of PAG membership loans.

Here are the steps to follow for making a payment at AUB Branch for your PAG IBIG loan or savings:

    • Visit the AUB Branch to make your payment at the OTC.
    • Open the virtual transaction portal and select the payment menu.
    • Click on PAG funding.
    • Update the full details of the payment, including the borrower’s first name and last name (both mandatory), payment period (mandatory), and the amount to be paid.
    • AUB allows the modified PAG IBIG savings II for housing loans or all other kinds of loan payments.
    • For housing loan repayments, the minimum amount required for membership is Php100 savings, and Php500 savings for modified PAG II.
    • Complete the transaction process, which will be similar to the payment process for other bills.

Make sure to receive your payment slip from the relevant branch to confirm your payment.

Full Loan Payment

After you have fulfilled your loan payments as a member of PAG IBIG, you will need to cover your monthly amortizations in equal amounts until the loan is fully paid. PAG IBIG allows a relaxed payment period of thirty years, and you can choose the payment method that suits you.

In some cases, borrowers may wish to prepay the entire loan amount, and PAG IBIG offers total or prepay payment strategies without any penalty charges. Additionally, PAG IBIG members can apply for a second housing loan from the agency after they have informed the organization that they have fully paid their first loan amount.

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