Sun Maxilink 100: New and Affordable VUL Plan

The Sun Maxilink 100 is a new insurance product with an investment plan from Sun Life. This plan provides coverage until age 100, which is longer than the other Sun Life VUL plans that only offer coverage until age 88. It is a more affordable option compared to Sun Maxilink Prime but still offers a powerful plan.

Why Sun Maxilink 100 is for you?

These days, there are many choices available to you for life insurance coverage. This can be beneficial because you can find something that fits your financial situation more precisely, but it can also be overwhelming due to the number of terms and options.

To assist you in making a decision, I have compiled a list of five reasons why Sun Maxilink 100 may be a good option for you. Here they are:

1. Higher Insurance Coverage

This plan offers insurance coverage that is twice the face amount, providing more coverage than other plans with the same premium.

2. Cheapest VUL Plan

This statement means that the mentioned plan is a type of Variable Universal Life insurance plan that requires regular payments, making it less expensive when compared to a plan that requires payment within a 10-year period. The reason for the affordability of the plan is that charges and fees are distributed over the entire duration of the policyholder’s life.

3. Regular Pay Until 100

If the idea of making payments until the age of 100 doesn’t bother you, then you may want to consider this plan. However, it’s not necessarily a requirement to make payments until age 100. Instead, you can make payments until you are able to because there will come a time when you are no longer able to work. By that point, the funds will be sufficient to cover the costs.

4. Insurance Over Investment

This suggests that if your main goal is to obtain life insurance coverage rather than an investment, you may want to consider a VUL plan. However, it is worth noting that a VUL plan also offers the potential for an additional retirement fund in the future.

5. Premium Holiday Option

You have the option to create a payment plan that spans 10 years using the premium holiday option. One benefit of this approach over Sun Maxilink Prime is that you can easily track the growth of your investment over time even if you decide to stop paying into the plan. Additionally, you also have the flexibility to choose shorter payment periods, such as 5 years, 6 years, 7 years, and so on.

How Much is Sun Maxilink 100?

“I have provided a table below for Sun Maxilink 100 with Php 1 Million coverage, so you can determine if the plan is within your budget. For instance, if you are a 37-year-old female non-smoker, your annual premium will fall between Php23,870 and Php24,405. While these figures are not exact, they should provide you with a general idea of the costs. Compute their estimated earnings by

If you want to receive a more accurate quotation, you can request one by clicking [HERE].”

Eligibility: 18-70 years old
Minimum Insurance Coverage: Php 700,000
Mode of Payment: Yearly | Semi-Annually | Quarterly

“The table provided is designed for individuals who don’t smoke and are willing to pay until they reach the age of 100. However, if you choose to pay for Sun Maxilink 100 over a 10-year period, the premiums will differ from the sample proposal I’ve created.”

Sun Maxilink 100 Sample Proposal

“I will provide a quotation example to illustrate the advantages that you can gain by opting for the plan. As an illustration, I am sharing a sample proposal for Sun Maxilink 100 with a 10-year payment period.”

Annual Premium: Php 48,000
Semi-annual: Php 24,000
Quarterly: Php 12,000
Monthly: Php 4,000
Daily: Php 133 (just the price of a fast-food meal)

Life Insurance Benefits

This plan has the advantage of offering greater insurance coverage at a lower premium, which means that you get more value for your money. It will also give you peace of mind knowing that your family will receive a substantial amount of money in the event of your untimely passing. This money can be used by your loved ones to maintain the lifestyle you had envisioned for them even after you’re no longer with them.

Death Benefit: Php 1 Million

This is the sum of money that your family will receive in the event of your death caused by natural circumstances. It is important to recognize how difficult life can become for your family without the primary source of income, which is you. However, providing them with this amount of money will alleviate some of the financial difficulties they may encounter.

Accidental Death Benefit: Php 1.5 MillionIn the event that you become incapacitated due to an accident, your family will receive Php 1.5 Million as a supplementary payment, which is an additional 50% on top of your basic insurance coverage.

Dismemberment Benefit: Up to Php 500k

If you are involved in an accident and suffer the loss of any part of your body, you are entitled to receive a percentage of Php 500,000. For instance, if you lose one eye, you will receive 50% of the amount, which is equivalent to Php 250,000.

Disablement Benefit: Php 50,000/year

“If you experience a permanent and total disability resulting from an accident, you will be entitled to receive Php 50,000 annually for a period of 10 years. This means that the total benefit you will receive is Php 500,000.”

Hospital Income Benefit: Php 2,000/day

If you are hospitalized for at least three days due to sickness, or for one day if it’s because of an accident, you will receive this amount. If your hospitalization is in the intensive care unit or is due to a serious illness, the amount will double or become Php 4,000 per day.

Critical Illness Benefit: Php 1 MillionYou can receive a lump sum of ₱2 million if you are diagnosed or treated for any of the 36 critical illnesses listed here. This rider provides coverage for many critical illnesses such as stroke, heart attack, brain tumor, major organ transplant, invasive cancer, and more.

Projected Investment FundThis proposal was specifically created to be paid off within a 10-year period, including all accompanying riders. The advantage of this is that you can easily track the growth of your investment fund after the payment period ends. This is not possible with Sun Maxilink Prime, as you will still be obligated to pay for certain riders beyond the 10-year mark.

Initial Investment

I have selected the Index Fund as my investment plan because it has an average return of 10% per year, which is higher than what I would earn if I simply put my money in a time deposit. Over the next 10 years, I will need to pay a total of Php 480,000 according to the plan.

Index Fund

“I am a young and aggressive investor who is willing to accept significant ups and downs in my investment portfolio in exchange for the potential for long-term capital growth. That is why I believe an index fund would be a suitable option for me, given my age and investment goals. I trust that my Financial Advisor will provide me with guidance to select the best fund to achieve my financial objectives.”

Return on Investment

Rewritten: “This investment plan is intended for the long term. Although I only earned a little over Php 70,000 in the past 10 years, it’s still better compared to just putting my money in a bank. If I wait until I’m 65 or after 40 years, my fund will grow to Php 6.7 million, which means I’ll earn more than Php 6 million.”

Here are the projected fund values after a certain number of years:

10 years: Php 558,685
20 years: Php 1,235,421
30 years: Php 2,841,814
40 years: Php 6,748,640

Why choose Federico to be your Financial Advisor?


Young professional Selecting a young Financial Advisor implies that they have the potential to accompany you throughout your life. It’s a long-term commitment, and they are prepared to provide ongoing support.

Friendly with the utmost professionalism.

“He will prevent any uncomfortable silences during your meet-up and make sure that the conversation is enjoyable and informative, with no dull moments.”


You might have a sudden question so crucial with you; that’s why his lines are always open to attend your needs.

Well-trained Financial Advisor.

He participated in numerous training sessions and seminars both within and outside of Sun Life, in order to enhance his skills and ensure that he only deserves the best.

Needs-based financial solutions.

“His financial guidance is determined by your present financial circumstances and requirements.”


“His clientele spans across various professions, from low-wage workers to professionals such as engineers, accountants, doctors, lawyers, and company executives.”

Full-time Financial Advisor.

“He is available to meet with you at any location that is convenient for you, at any time of the day.”

Purpose and substance.

His objective is to assist customers in attaining long-term financial stability and improving their overall well-being.

My goal is to assist you in safeguarding the future of your loved ones. I have achieved this for myself, and I am hopeful that I can help you achieve the same.

As Financial Advisors, we view life insurance as a form of LOVE insurance. When you have love for someone, such as your family, you want to make sure they are not left with nothing in the event of unexpected circumstances. You desire to provide every form of protection to ensure their safety and happiness, correct?

I hope you found my blog to be enjoyable!

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What is Sun Maxilink 100?

This is a description of Sun Life’s latest and most cost-effective life insurance policy, which includes an investment component. This policy offers coverage up to the age of 100, providing extended protection for policyholders.

What is the difference between Sun Maxilink 100 and Sun Flexilink?

In essence, both Sun Maxilink 100 and Sun Flexilink are types of variable unit-linked plans (VULs) offered by Sun Life. However, the main distinguishing factor between them is the minimum life insurance coverage they provide. Sun Maxilink 100 is available for coverage of Php 700,000 and above, while Sun Flexilink is designed for those seeking coverage amounts lower than that threshold.

Which is BETTER between Sun Maxilink 100 and Sun Flexilink?

“There is no plan that is universally superior to others, as what may be a good financial plan for one person may not be suitable for another due to differences in their financial needs.”

How much do I need to start a Sun Maxilink 100?

You can begin for as little as Php 2,000 per month, but this will be subject to your age and other variables.

What are the requirements to start Sun Flexilink?

All you need is a single valid identification card and your initial payment, which should be at least one quarter or equivalent to three months’ worth of premium.

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