How To Know SSS Number if Forgotten (8 Ways)

Many of us registered with SSS when we were fresh college graduates, and may not have been mindful of keeping our SSS numbers safe.How To Know SSS Number if Forgotten (8 Ways) This can lead to forgetting our SSS numbers and facing the consequences of losing them.

However, your SSS number is more important than you may realize. It is not only required to create your My.SSS online account, but also to avail of all the benefits that regular paying SSS members are entitled to.

Fortunately, if you have forgotten or lost your SSS number, you do not have to apply for a new one. Instead, there are various options available for verifying it, which are discussed in this article.

How To Know SSS Number if Lost or Forgotten

What Is an SSS Number?

The SSS number is a unique 10-digit identifier given to all individuals who are registered with the Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines, which is a government-run social insurance program. Both compulsory and voluntary members are assigned an SSS number

SSS members will require a specific number to access their records, apply for loans, or receive benefits in cases of sickness, unemployment, disability, maternity, retirement, or death, whether it is done online or offline. This number is also essential when applying for a job, opening a bank account, or conducting transactions with other government agencies outside of SSS.

Why You Need To Get (and Keep) Your SSS Number

  1. Your SSS number serves as proof that you’re a registered member of the Social Security System, allowing you to pay contributions and access SSS benefits.
  2. You’ll need to obtain and maintain your SSS number for various purposes, including
    a. To get employed. The Social Security Law requires employers to hire individuals with SSS numbers. Hence, you must obtain an SSS number before starting your first job and present it to every new employer when switching jobs.
    b. To create a My.SSS account. With most SSS services now available online, it’s crucial to create a My.SSS account. This will save you time and money, as you can complete SSS transactions from the comfort of your home. However, you won’t be able to create an online account without an SSS number.
    c. To pay for SSS contributions and loans. Your employer can’t deduct the amount of contribution or loan amortization due each month without your SSS number. Failure to do so can result in penalties for both parties.d. To avail of different SSS benefits. As a valid SSS member with an SSS number, you can regularly remit your contributions. The amount you contribute will determine the benefits you’re eligible for, such as sickness, maternity leave, unemployment, disability, retirement, or death benefits.

SSS Number Verification: How to Know SSS Number in 8 Ways

Method 1: How To Check SSS Number Through Your My.SSS Account

The My.SSS or SSS member portal is an online platform that allows members to conveniently monitor their contributions, apply for salary loans, submit benefit applications, and generate payment reference numbers for contributions and loans, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Upon logging into your account, you can easily access your SSS number. In case you haven’t signed up or established your own My.SSS account yet, refer to the guidelines provided in this article.

On the other hand, if you already possess a My.SSS account, you can retrieve your SSS number by adhering to the following instructions:

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