SSS Number Coding Scheme based on SS or Employer Number last digit

To further ensure compliance with COVID protocols SSS Number Coding Scheme based on SS or Employer Number last digit, the Social Security System (SSS) continues to enforce the SSS Number Coding scheme for all permitted walk-in transactions across all SSS branches.SSS Number Coding Scheme based on SS or Employer Number the last digit.

The SSS Number scheme is as follows:

Allowed Transactions include:

  • Payment for contributions and loan amortization
  • In-person attendance may be necessary for online SSS Number application
  • Ensure that the SSS Branch has UMID capturing facility for capturing of biometric data
  • Collect the UMID Card once it is read
  • Come back on the scheduled day of the following week
  • Schedule an appointment with the SSS Branch for the day you plan to return and complete your transaction
  • SSS Number Coding Scheme
  • SSS Number Scheme 2021

How to Apply for SSS Number and Submit Documentary…

When going to the SSS Branch:

Please take note that for funeral or death claims, the claimant must provide the schedule based on the deceased’s SSS Number. It is highly recommended that you create your own SSS Online Account at and check if the transaction you want to do is available online. If it is, you may proceed to do it online and skip the trip to the SSS Branch.

If you have inquiries or need assistance regarding benefits, you may contact or and wait for their response. Be sure to present the necessary documents and identification for your transaction.

If the transaction day falls on a non-working holiday, the branch experiences a downtime, or the service is offline, you may take the following steps:

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