Dubai Duty Free to Rehire 600 OFWs

It’s great to hear that Dubai Duty Free will be rehiring over 600 overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who were previously laid off due to the pandemic. According to a report from the Philippine News Agency website on November 21, 2021, the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Dubai announced that the management of Dubai Duty Free reached out to them for assistance in rehiring these workers.

Labor Attaché John Rio Bautista mentioned in a virtual press briefing that Dubai Duty Free had to lay off some workers during the pandemic. However, with the revival of the economy in Dubai, the management expressed their intention to rehire the laid-off OFWs. Bautista also stated that the salary offered to the returning OFWs is competitive.

Dubai Duty Free to Rehire 600 OFWs with Support from Philippine Overseas Labor Office

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Dubai has been diligently assisting in the rehiring process, overseeing the processing of no less than 100 contracts each week for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who are set to be reemployed. This significant endeavor presents a promising chance for OFWs adversely impacted by the pandemic to restore their employment and sustain their livelihood in Dubai.

Filipinos Formerly Employed in Dubai Duty Free to be ReHired

The reopening of the economy in the United Arab Emirates presents job opportunities for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who were displaced by the pandemic, according to a statement from the Labor Department. This is indeed positive news as many individuals lost their jobs during the lockdowns and can now have the opportunity to work again.

Dubai Duty Free is a prominent company in the United Arab Emirates and is widely known as an employer of choice. They have established a reputation for providing excellent benefits to their employees. Working for Dubai Duty Free can offer numerous advantages, such as competitive salaries, comprehensive healthcare benefits, opportunities for career growth, and a supportive work environment.

These opportunities with Dubai Duty Free and other companies in the United Arab Emirates can be a source of hope for those seeking employment, particularly for overseas Filipino workers who were affected by the pandemic. It is important for individuals interested in these job opportunities to explore the specific requirements, qualifications, and application processes set by Dubai Duty Free or any other companies they wish to apply to.

More Jobs for Filipinos in Dubai

Apart from job opportunities in the retail industry, there has been a growing interest from healthcare companies in hiring Filipino professionals, according to Bautista. This indicates a diverse range of employment options for Filipinos in the UAE.

Since early April, over 8,000 household service work orders have been verified by POLO (Philippine Overseas Labor Office) in Dubai. Out of these, approximately 6,000 to 7,000 workers have already arrived in Dubai. This demonstrates the demand for household service workers and the significant number of Filipinos finding employment in this sector.

The UAE and the Philippines have established strong ties, resulting in mutual benefits for both parties. A Memorandum of Agreement between the two countries has played a pivotal role in facilitating these benefits. One notable outcome of the agreement is the implementation of a minimum wage for household service workers, set at AED 1500, as instructed by Philippine President Duterte. This wage is accompanied by a comprehensive work contract, ensuring better working conditions and fair compensation for Filipino workers in the UAE.

Considering the current exchange rates, AED 1 is equivalent to PHP 13.50. This exchange rate helps in understanding the value of the minimum wage set for household service workers and allows for a better comparison between currencies.

Since the implementation of the agreement, the number of distressed Filipinos seeking shelter at the POLO shelter has significantly decreased to about 10 individuals per day. This indicates that the measures put in place have contributed to improving the welfare and working conditions of Filipino workers in the UAE.

To ensure the legitimacy of job offers, the Labor Department advises foreign job seekers to follow the proper procedure and visit the website of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. This step is crucial in verifying the validity of job offers and protecting job seekers from potential scams or fraudulent recruitment practices.

POLO Dubai plays a vital role in the processing of overseas employment certificates for Filipinos intending to work in the UAE. Additionally, on a daily basis, POLO Dubai manages the necessary documents for approximately 200 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who are returning home to the Philippines. This highlights the continuous support provided by POLO Dubai to both Filipino workers in the UAE and those transitioning back to their home country.



Dubai Duty Free’s decision to rehire 600 OFWs not only demonstrates the company’s appreciation for their skills and expertise but also highlights their commitment to fostering diversity and supporting the Filipino workforce. Dubai Duty Free to Rehire 600 OFWs This move is likely to have a positive ripple effect, not only benefiting the returning employees and their families but also contributing to the broader economic relationship between the Philippines and the UAE.

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