How to Join OWWA Pre-Departure Education Program (PDEP)

If you are planning to work abroad as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the seminars conducted by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). These seminars, namely the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) and the Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program (CPDEP), are designed to provide you with essential knowledge and skills needed for your journey and employment overseas. This article will guide you through the registration process for these OWWA programs.How to Join OWWA Pre-Departure Education Program (PDEP)

  1. Understanding the Importance of PDOS and CPDEP: Before proceeding with the registration process, it is important to recognize the significance of attending PDOS and CPDEP. These seminars aim to equip OFWs with the necessary competencies, cultural awareness, and coping strategies to adapt to their new work environment abroad. The topics covered in these programs include host country’s culture, house rules, job performance, safety, and security.
  2. Registration Process for PDOS and CPDEP: To register for PDOS and CPDEP, follow the steps below:

a. Contact OWWA: Reach out to the nearest OWWA office or visit their official website to inquire about the registration process. OWWA has regional and satellite offices throughout the Philippines, making it convenient for OFWs to access their services.

b. Provide Required Information: When contacting OWWA, be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Personal details: Full name, address, contact number, and email address.
  • Employment details: Job position, employer’s name, and country of destination.
  • Scheduled departure: Date of departure to the host country.

c. Confirm the Seminar Schedule: OWWA will provide you with the available dates and locations for the PDOS and CPDEP seminars. Choose a schedule that best suits your needs and ensure that it aligns with your departure date.

d. Attend the Seminar: On the scheduled date, make sure to arrive at the designated seminar venue on time. Bring the necessary documents, such as your passport, employment contract, and other identification cards or requirements specified by OWWA.

e. Complete the Seminar Requirements: During the seminar, take note of the topics discussed, actively participate in the activities, and complete any required forms or evaluations. This will help ensure that you receive the necessary certification upon completion of the program.

  1. Certification and Documentation: Upon successfully attending PDOS and CPDEP, OWWA will provide you with a certificate of completion. This certificate is crucial for documentation purposes and may be required by your employer or the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

Conclusion: Registering for the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) and the Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program (CPDEP) is a vital step for any aspiring OFW. These seminars equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate their journey and employment abroad. By following the registration process outlined in this article, you can ensure that you are well-prepared and fully aware of the conditions and requirements before embarking on your overseas employment.


The Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) and the Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program (CPDEP) are part of the Pre-Departure Education Program offered by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). This program is designed to prepare unemployed Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who are interested in seeking employment opportunities abroad.

The primary objective of this program is to provide education and training to Filipino workers who are planning to work overseas. The program accomplishes this through a variety of activities conducted at OWWA training centers across the country, including seminars, briefing sessions, role plays, video presentations, study tours, company visits, and other related activities.

During the program, participants are exposed to various aspects of overseas employment, such as understanding the rights and responsibilities of OFWs, learning about the culture and customs of the destination country, acquiring basic language skills, and developing the necessary skills for their specific job roles.

As part of the program, participants are also given employment offers from private recruitment agencies and have access to job matching vacancies from business process outsourcing companies. This provides them with opportunities to secure employment before they depart for their chosen destination.

Overall, the PDOS and CPDEP play a crucial role in equipping Filipino workers with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed for a successful overseas employment experience.

What is OWWA PDOS?

The Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) is a six-hour seminar designed to provide departing Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) with a comprehensive orientation on overseas travel and employment.

The seminar consists of seven modules that cover various aspects of working and living abroad. These modules include a brief profile of the destination country, an overview of the employment stages that OFWs may experience, and essential points, tips, and guidelines on work ethic and standards. Additionally, the PDOS covers topics such as travel procedures, government programs and services available to OFWs, health and safety considerations, and financial literacy.

Since the 1980s, the PDOS has been managed by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and is still delivered by various entities, including government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), travel and recruitment agencies, and authorized service providers.

The aim of the PDOS is to equip OFWs with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the challenges and opportunities of working overseas. By providing valuable information and guidance, the seminar seeks to ensure the well-being and success of OFWs throughout their employment abroad.


The Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program (CPDEP) was introduced in 2009 as an expansion of the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS). It specifically caters to Household Service Workers (HSWs) such as caregivers and domestic helpers who are departing for work abroad.

CPDEP typically lasts for two to six days and includes various essential training sessions. These sessions cover a range of topics, including basic language training, work ethic and standards, health and safety, stress management, financial literacy, government programs and services, and cultural familiarization of the destination country.

While some of the topics covered in CPDEP overlap with those covered in PDOS, the program structure involves the PDOS administrator handling the first day of the program. The subsequent days are then managed by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA).

The purpose of CPDEP is to equip HSWs with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in their overseas work. By addressing important aspects such as language proficiency, workplace conduct, and familiarity with the destination country’s culture, CPDEP aims to enhance the preparedness and adaptability of HSWs before they depart.


The primary goal of both PDOS (Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar) and CPDEP (Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program) is to assist Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in adapting to their new lifestyle and work experience abroad. These seminars are specifically designed to help them make a smooth transition into their jobs and maintain them for at least six months during their employment period.

These seminars may also be tailored to be country-specific or skill-specific, providing OFWs with the necessary knowledge and competencies to make the most of their job opportunities overseas. Although they might sound tedious and boring, these seminars are actually designed to be light, relevant, and engaging.

In the case of Household Service Workers (HSWs), these seminars can be particularly beneficial as they help them learn how to handle difficult situations and seek assistance in case of emergencies.


To register for either PDOS or CPDEP, all registrants must pass the following qualifications:

  • Must have been issued an immigrant visa
  • Adults must be between 20-59 years old, children between 13-19 years old.


Eligible registrants may pursue their registration by completing the following documents:

  • Valid original passport
  • Valid visa
  • One (1) valid ID with photo
  • Original copy of any of the following documents, following your country of destination:
  • For emigrants bound to US: Immigrant Data Summary (IDS), except those with K-visa
  • For emigrants bound to Canada: Permanent Residence Confirmation
  • For emigrants bound to Italy: Nulla Osta (Clearance)
  • For emigrants bound to Japan: Certificate of Eligibility
  • For emigrants bound to Australia and New Zealand: Letter of approval for Work to Residence
  • For emigrants bound for other countries, you may visit the OWWA website at for the detailed requirements.”Payment of PHP 400 is required for attending the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS). However, participants of the Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program (CPDEP) are exempt from the seminar fee. CPDEP attendees must present proof of payment for their OWWA membership contribution during registration, such as an official receipt.”

How to Attend PDOS and CPDEP Seminars

Registrants must have an account on the Overseas Filipinos – CFO Online Registration System (OF-CORS), which they will use to register for either PDOS or CPDEP:

  1. Go to the official website of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) at

Look for and click the PDOS tab.

  1. Read through the data privacy policy and agree to the consent form.
  2. Create a CFO account by filling out the account creation details.
  3. Specify your relationship to the petitioner or emigrant.
  4. Provide the country of destination.
  5. Select your work classification.
  6. Enter your email address.
  7. Attach copies of your passport and visa, then click “Submit”.
  8. Confirm your account by going to your registered email and clicking on the confirmation email sent by the CFO. This will redirect you to your CFO profile page.
  9. Complete your profile with your personal information on the CFO profile page.
  10. Click “Verify” to verify your account.
  11. Once verified, you will be redirected to the CFO page showing the list of requirements. Read and check them carefully.
  12. Click “Submit” on the CFO page to proceed.
  13. You will receive another email stating where you should submit your other documents for verification. Please note that this step may take a few days to process.
  14. After your documents are verified, you will receive a confirmation email indicating whether or not you are required to attend PDOS or CPDEP (orientation programs), along with a registration link if needed.
  15. If required to attend, click the link sent to your email for the registration page. Choose your preferred schedule. Keep in mind that schedules are on a first come, first served basis, and limited slots are available for each schedule.
  16. If exempted from attending, simply fill up the registration page as instructed.
  17. Once registered, click “Continue for Payment”.
  18. Select your preferred payment method and provide your delivery information.
  19. Verify your delivery and payment information, then click “Proceed”. Make sure to save your proof of payment, along with a copy of your passport and visa for backup.
  20. Your digital certificate for OF-CORS will be sent via email, along with your confirmed schedule for PDOS or CPDEP if you are required to attend.
  21. Please note that this is a general guide, and it’s always recommended to refer to the specific instructions provided by the CFO or the relevant authorities for accurate and up-to-date information.

General Guidelines

Always make sure to verify the accuracy of the information you enter before proceeding with the registration process. Since the registration can be time-consuming, it is highly recommended that you carefully read through all the pages before submitting any information.

The registration confirmation email you receive will include a section with a barcode that contains your information. It is advisable to save both a physical and digital copy of this confirmation, along with all the required documents, for security purposes. However, there is no need to print the registration form itself.

It is recommended to arrive at the CFO office at least two hours before your scheduled time for the verification process.

After completing the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) or the Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program (CPDEP), you will be given a certificate of completion. This certificate needs to be submitted to the POEA for processing and should be presented at the airport during your departure.”

Please note that the paraphrased version may not be an exact representation of the original text, but it captures the main ideas and conveys the information in a similar manner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some FAQs about the Pre-Departure programs of OWWA for OFWs:

1. Are both PDOS and CPDEP mandatory?

“Yes, PDOS (Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar) and CPDEP (Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program) are compulsory orientation seminars for first-time emigrants. PDOS is mandatory for all emigrants, regardless of their work classification, while CPDEP is specifically designed for Household Service Workers (HSWs) such as caregivers or domestic workers.”

2. How much is the registration fee?

Registration for PDOS entails a PhP 400 registration fee. For CPDEP, registration is for free, but registrants must be active OWWA OFW members.

3. Can I register if I have not renewed my membership yet?

“It is highly recommended that you renew your OWWA membership before registering for any of their seminars, grants, or other programs. This will ensure that you can fully benefit from these opportunities. For example, in order to register for the CPDEP program, participants are required to have paid their OWWA membership fee. Inactive OWWA OFW members will not be able to register for the program.”

4. Where can I attend the seminars?

“Both seminars are conducted by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and are delivered by their local offices in the Philippines and abroad, as well as recruitment agencies, NGOs, and other relevant organizations.

As of November 2021, OWWA has released a list of 275 authorized providers for the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) supplements. You can access the list through this link:”


As depicted, the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) continues to provide assistance to millions of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) worldwide, including those who are just beginning their work abroad. Throughout the entire process, you can rely on the agency to support you and secure a prosperous future for you and your family.

To obtain more information about the Pre-Departure Education Program (PDEP) and other OWWA programs and services, please visit their website at or their official Facebook page at You can also stay informed about their latest news and updates by downloading the OWWA Mobile App from Google Play or the App Store.

Remember to keep your OWWA member account active to avail yourself of the comprehensive benefits and services available to OFW members.

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