OWWA IT Training Program – How to Apply

It’s great to hear that the Overseas Workers Welfare Association (OWWA) offers free information technology training for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their dependents through the OWWA-Information Technology (IT) Training Program. This program aims to enhance the skills of OFWs and their qualified dependents in the field of information technology.

The OWWA-IT Training Program  provides free training in various areas of information technology. This can include courses on programming languages, software development, web development, database management, networking, cybersecurity, and other IT-related skills. The program is open to both active and inactive OWWA members, as well as their qualified dependents.

By offering free IT training, OWWA aims to equip OFWs and their dependents with valuable skills that can enhance their career prospects and increase their employability in the information technology industry. This initiative acknowledges the proficiency and expertise of Filipinos in the IT field and provides opportunities for further development and growth.

It’s important to note that while the information provided above is accurate up until September 2021, there may have been updates or changes to the OWWA-IT Training Program since then. It is advisable to visit the official website of OWWA or contact them directly to get the most recent and detailed information about the program, including eligibility requirements, application process, and available courses.

What is the OWWA – Information Technology (IT) Program?

The OWWA-Information Technology (IT) Training Program aims to provide free educational training in various information technology skills. Its primary objective is to assist overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and their dependents in developing a strong foundation of fundamental knowledge and technological proficiency, thereby enhancing their IT literacy.

The program is open to both active and inactive OWWA members, as well as their eligible dependents. Qualified dependents must furnish appropriate identification and proof of their association with the OFW member


The PERAPHAse IT Program is open to both active and inactive members of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), providing an excellent opportunity for eligible applicants to acquire numerous benefits. This free training program is designed specifically to enhance participants’ Information Technology (IT) skills.

Upon being accepted into the program, eligible applicants can select the nearest branch that offers the training, making it convenient for them based on their location. The program aims to empower individuals by offering comprehensive training in various aspects of computer literacy. It covers fundamental computer skills and Microsoft operations, including word processing, spreadsheet management, and presentation creation. By participating in this program, you can upgrade your knowledge and skills in these essential computer operations.

The PERAPHAse IT Program is an ideal platform for individuals who wish to improve their IT competencies. Whether you’re an active or inactive member of OWWA, this program welcomes you to take advantage of its benefits and propel your professional development.


The following is the list of qualification requirements that aspiring applicants must meet to be eligible applicants.

It is open to all active or inactive OWWA members. The dependent applicants should have proof of identity stating their relationship to the OWWA member. A married or single parent is also eligible to apply. The spouse of the OWWA member is eligible as well. If the OFW member is single, a single sibling or a high school graduate who is 20 years old and below is also qualified to acquire free training.


Here is a list of the necessary documents that you must provide to qualify for the free IT training if you want to improve your computer-related abilities and knowledge.

  • Duly accomplished application form.
  • Valid IDs of the applicants and the OFW member
  • Proof of relationship to the OWWA member (birth certificate, NSO, marriage contract, etc.)
  • Proof of OWWA member (OR of OWWA membership contribution)

How to Enroll in Information Technology Training by OWWA

To the applicants who wish to have free training in a variety of information technology skills, the following are the step-by-step guide and instructions for applying for a free training program of OWWA:

Step 1: Locate the nearest OWWA Regional Office in your area. You can do this by visiting the OWWA website or contacting their main office for assistance.

Step 2: Visit the OWWA Regional Office and request an application form for the free training program. The staff at the office will provide you with the necessary form.

Step 3: Fill out the application form completely, ensuring that you provide all the necessary information and double-checking for accuracy. Take your time to read through the form and understand the instructions before submitting it.

Step 4: Once you have completed the application form, submit it to the nearest OWWA satellite office in your area. The staff at the satellite office will assist you in receiving and processing your application.

Step 5: After submitting your application, wait for a confirmation message from the OWWA representatives. They will notify you about the status of your application and provide further instructions, if necessary.

It is important to note that the specific requirements and procedures may vary depending on the OWWA branch and the training program being offered. It is recommended to contact your nearest OWWA office or visit their website for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the application process for the free training program in information technology skills.

Important Reminders

Attached hereof are some important points that aspiring applicants need to remember before applying.

The OWWA-Information Technology (IT) Training Program is designed as a short-term training program. To qualify as a dependent applicant, you will need to provide proof of your relationship to the OWWA member.

For additional information or if you have any questions or concerns about the program, I recommend visiting their official website at www.owwa.gov.ph. You can also visit their official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/OWWAofficial or download their OWWA Mobile App to stay connected with the OWWA community. These platforms provide a convenient way to access the latest updates and stay informed about the program.

OWWA Information Technology Training Program for Active and Non-Active OWWA Members

This video provides a glimpse into the activities that take place during the training. It clearly shows that each trainee is provided with a computer in the computer room. You can observe how the training program operates and the kind of computer literacy training that participants can expect. Therefore, watching this video can be beneficial if you want to get an idea of the training program offered by OWWA for its members and their dependents.

It is highly recommended that you watch the video yourself to see the actual training activities. Having this knowledge and understanding of the training beforehand will be advantageous when applying for the seminar

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to apply for this training program however I don’t have time to go to the nearest OWWA office at our place. Is there anyone that I can call on or what websites can I visit online?

If you are an interested applicant and if you don’t have enough time to go to the nearest OWWA offices in your location you can also call on their telephone number 8891-7601 or you can also email them through owwacares@owwa.gov.ph or you can visit their Facebook page at https://web.facebook.com/OWWAofficial.

2. I would like to apply for the free IT training at OWWA however we are in the province area. Is it available to all OWWA offices in the Philippines?

Due to the agency’s tight budget, this free IT training program appears to be only available in some OWWA satellite offices which is why it is suggested that it is important to ask for assistance online or you can go to the nearest office of OWWA near you, however, it is also accessible at all OWWA Informatics branches nationally.

3. I am interested in acquiring a free IT training program offered by OWWA, is it guaranteed that I will be accepted right after my application process?

Applicants for the free training program are required to undergo a verification process before their application can be accepted by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). It is important to note that acceptance into the program is not guaranteed, as the OWWA needs to validate each application before making a decision.

To increase their chances of being accepted, applicants are advised to familiarize themselves with the training program and the qualification standards set by the OWWA. It is important to understand what the training entails and ensure that they meet the necessary requirements.

Additionally, applicants are instructed to gather and submit all the required documents for the application. These documents could include identification papers, proof of employment, or any other relevant paperwork. Submitting complete and accurate documentation is crucial for the application process.

Once the application is submitted, applicants should patiently wait for the OWWA personnel to notify them about the status of their application. Notifications can be received through various communication channels, such as phone calls, text messages, or mail. It is important to provide valid contact information and to regularly check for updates on the application status.

Overall, applicants should be prepared for a thorough verification process and follow the guidelines provided by the OWWA to ensure a smooth application experience.

4. How long will it take before I will know that my application is accepted and I am eligible to have free OWWA-IT Training?

Typically, there is no specific timeframe provided for the acceptance of an application. However, the OWWA personnel will send you a notification regarding the status of your application. It is highly recommended that you visit the nearest OWWA office, as they can provide you with assistance and updates regarding your application

5. Will I receive a financial grant for this program?

The OWWA-Information Technology (IT) Training Program is a free training program specifically designed for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their dependents. However, it’s important to note that not all qualified applicants are entitled to receive financial grants. Instead, successful applicants will be issued a notice of award, which they need to present at their designated training centers. This program aims to provide valuable IT skills and knowledge to OFWs and their dependents, enhancing their employment prospects and empowering them with the necessary tools for the digital age.

6. What are the training courses that OWWA-Information Technology offered?

  1. Basic Computer Operations: This course covers fundamental computer skills, such as operating system navigation, file management, and basic troubleshooting.
  2. Digital Media Arts Training: This course focuses on teaching essential skills for creating and manipulating digital media, including graphics, images, audio, and video.
  3. Word Processing (Microsoft Word): This course aims to develop proficiency in using Microsoft Word, a popular word-processing software. Participants learn how to create, edit, format, and customize documents.
  4. Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel Operations): This course focuses on Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet software used for data organization, analysis, and calculations. Participants learn how to create spreadsheets, input data, perform calculations, and create charts.
  5. Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint): This course teaches participants how to create effective presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. Topics covered include slide creation, formatting, adding multimedia elements, and delivering presentations.
  6. Desktop Publishing (MS Office Publisher): This course explores the use of Microsoft Publisher, a desktop publishing software. Participants learn how to design and create professional-quality publications like brochures, flyers, and newsletters.
  7. Windows Movie Maker: This course provides an introduction to Windows Movie Maker, a video editing software. Participants learn how to import, edit, enhance, and export videos, as well as add transitions and effects.
  8. Adobe Photoshop: This course introduces participants to Adobe Photoshop, a powerful image editing software. Participants learn how to manipulate and enhance images, apply filters and effects, and create graphic designs.

These courses are designed to equip participants with practical skills and knowledge in various aspects of computer operations, software applications, and digital media. By completing these courses, participants can enhance their IT skills and improve their employability in today’s technology-driven world.

7. Are inactive OWWA members still eligible to attend and participate in the IT program?

The IT program is open for all OWWA members (active or inactive) as well as their dependents. Hence, you do not have to worry if you have an inactive OWWA membership – you can still apply to attend this seminar or training program.


Therefore, the following describes the procedure for applying to the IT training program offered by OWWA IT Training Program – How to Apply to its members and dependents. The program is designed to enhance their knowledge and skills in information technology and other technological devices. It is important to note that this training program is provided free of charge, so there is no need to worry about any fees. All you need to do is complete the necessary paperwork and submit it to participate in the seminar.

If you have any concerns or questions, you can contact OWWA through their Facebook page at https://faceboo.com/OWWAofficial. Alternatively, you can also visit their nearest office in your area for assistance.”

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