Schedule OWWASaudi Arabia Appointment and Membership in Riyadh,

For OFWs based in other regions in Saudi Arabia, please refer to the following information:

  1. Schedule OWWA Saudi Arabia Appointment and Membership in Riyadh and JeddahJeddah: If you are based in Jeddah, you can visit the POLO-OWWA Jeddah Office located in Al-Rehab District, Al-Waha Street to renew your OWWA membership. To book an appointment and pay the necessary fees, please visit the official website of POLO-OWWA Jeddah.Riyadh: For residents in Riyadh, appointments for OWWA membership renewal and other related services can be made by visiting the official website of POLO-OWWA Riyadh. Detailed instructions on appointment scheduling and payment can be found on the website.
  2. Dammam: If you are based in Dammam, you can visit the POLO-OWWA Dammam Office to renew your OWWA membership. The office is located in Al-Khobar, near the Al-Gosaibi Hotel. To book an appointment and pay the necessary fees, please visit the official website of POLO-OWWA Dammam.

Please note that the appointment and renewal process may vary slightly between the different regional offices. It is recommended to visit the respective websites or contact the offices directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding appointment booking and requirements.

Remember, it is important to follow the guidelines and requirements provided by the respective POLO-OWWA offices to ensure a smooth and efficient renewal process for your OWWA membership.

  • POLO Al Khobar (Eastern Region) Office – Schedule OWA Appointment and Membership in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
  • POLO Jeddah (Western Region) Office – Schedule OWWA Appointment and Membership in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) play a vital role in the economic development of the Philippines. To safeguard their welfare and provide necessary assistance, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has mandated the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) to extend support to OFWs and their dependents. This article focuses on the process of OWWA membership appointments and renewal specifically for OFWs in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. By becoming an OWWA member, OFWs gain access to a range of services including financial assistance, educational and training programs, and assistance in resolving issues with their employers.

OWWA Membership Benefits:

  1. Financial Assistance: OWWA provides various forms of financial assistance to its members, including disability and dismemberment benefits, death and burial benefits, and medical and healthcare benefits. These provisions aim to address emergencies and provide financial security to OFWs and their families.
  2. Education and Training Programs: OWWA offers educational and training opportunities to enhance the skills and knowledge of OFWs. These programs include vocational courses, entrepreneurship training, and skills upgrading initiatives. Such initiatives empower OFWs to broaden their career prospects and improve their earning potential.
  3. Employment and Welfare Services: OWWA assists OFWs in resolving issues that arise with their employers abroad. They provide legal assistance, counseling, and mediation services to ensure the protection of OFWs’ rights and welfare. Additionally, OWWA facilitates reintegration programs for returning OFWs to help them transition smoothly back into the local workforce.

OWWA Membership Appointments and Renewal in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia:

  1. Membership Application: a. OFWs in Riyadh can apply for OWWA membership by visiting the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) or the Embassy/Consulate in Saudi Arabia. b. Prepare the required documents, which typically include a filled-out OWWA membership form, a copy of the OFW’s employment contract, and a valid passport. c. Submit the completed form and supporting documents to the designated office and pay the membership fee, which is usually valid for two years.
  2. Membership Renewal: a. OWWA membership needs to be renewed every two years to maintain active status and continue enjoying the benefits. b. OFWs can renew their OWWA membership by visiting the POLO or Embassy/Consulate in Riyadh. c. Bring the necessary documents, such as a filled-out membership renewal form, a copy of the employment contract (if applicable), a valid passport, and the membership fee. d. Submit the required documents, pay the renewal fee, and follow any additional instructions provided by the office.


If you are based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and you are not yet an OWWA member or your membership is about to expire, here is the list of requirements for OWWA membership application or renewal in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia:

  1. Book an appointment through this link:
  2. Duly accomplished OFW Information Sheet
  3. Visa validity exceeding 90 days
  4. Original and copy of passport (showing the data page)
  5. Two copies of the POLO Verified Employment Contract
  6. Two copies of the Certificate of Employment
  7. OFWs must present a letter of certification from the employer or company, verifying that they are not on the list of terminated, resigned, canceled, or employees due for termination.
  8. Balik Manggagawa (BM) or Contract Verification fee of SAR 40 (applies to new sponsor transfer)
  9. OWWA membership fee of SAR 94 (applies to new applicants or renewal)
  10. Personal appearance is required.


One of the top qualifications to become an OWWA (Overseas Workers Welfare Administration) member is to document your employment or become a legal OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker). In addition, OWWA requires an applicant to be active and continuously working. Thus, the following individuals are not qualified to apply or renew their OWWA membership in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, including employees:

  1. Unauthorized or undocumented workers: OWWA membership is reserved for OFWs who have proper documentation and legal status in their country of employment. Individuals working without the necessary permits or visas are not eligible to apply for or renew their OWWA membership.
  2. Inactive or unemployed individuals: OWWA membership is designed to provide welfare benefits and support to active OFWs. If an individual is not currently employed or actively working, they may not meet the criteria for OWWA membership or renewal.
  3. Individuals with expired employment contracts: OWWA membership typically requires a valid employment contract. If an individual’s contract has expired, they may need to renew their contract or secure a new one before being eligible to apply or renew their OWWA membership.
  4. Non-Filipino workers: OWWA primarily serves the welfare needs of Filipino overseas workers. Non-Filipino individuals working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, would not be eligible to become OWWA members as the organization is specific to the Filipino diaspora.
  • Due for termination
  • Terminated
  • Due for cancellation
  • Canceled
  • Resigned
  • No work, No pay

Booking on OWWA  Saudia Arabia Appointment in Riyadh,

Since the POLO-OWWA office in Riyadh requires you to book an appointment, it is necessary to schedule your visit in advance. If you arrive at the office without an appointment, you will not be allowed to enter. Furthermore, applicants who have scheduled appointments are advised to come alone, as companions are not permitted inside the POLO-OWWA office. In summary, individuals without an appointment cannot proceed with the process of applying or renewing their OWWA membership. Once you have booked an appointment, remember to take a screenshot of the booking confirmation details. This screenshot will serve as proof of your scheduled appointment when you appear at the POLO-OWWA office in Riyadh.

Step-by-step on how to set up an appointment for OWWA payment

Here are the steps to book an appointment with the POLO-OWWA office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for OFWs who are first-time applicants or renewing their OWW membership:

  1. Visit the official website booking page of the POLO-OWWA office in Riyadh at
  2. On the booking page, select the OWWA services option to apply for membership. If you need Contract Verification, choose the option for Booking Company Verification. You can also find other services available if you have additional concerns. In this section, you may also download the OFW Information Sheet.
  3. Click on “Book Now” for the OWWA services.
  4. Choose your preferred date and time for the appointment, then click on “Reserve.”
  5. Fill out all the necessary details on the provided form. Make sure to enter your Full Name, Contact Number, Email, SAUDI AD/IQAMA, and CR Number for Company Verification.
  6. After completing the form, click on “Confirm & Submit.”
  7. Check your email for the booking confirmation. Make sure to save a screenshot or print a copy of the confirmed booking with the POLO-OWWA Riyadh office.

Note: Bookings with incomplete details will not be acknowledged and will be deleted. It is also advised to only book one appointment per day and not to book multiple appointments. If multiple appointments are booked, they will be canceled. When visiting the POLO-OWWA office in Riyadh, bring a valid ID and the booking confirmation.

Furthermore, if you are looking for company verification, failure to provide the CR Number may result in the deletion of your appointment. Additionally, the security officer may deny entry to applicants who have booked an appointment for a different service than the one they intend to avail of. Therefore, make sure to book an appointment for the correct service.

Paying OWWA Membership at POLO-OWWA Office in Riyadh

After receiving an email confirming your booking with the POLO-OWWA Riyadh office, make sure to gather all the necessary documents for your OWWA membership application or renewal. It’s important to have all the requirements ready before submitting them, as the officer in charge will not process incomplete applications. Additionally, you can pay the membership fee during your appointment at the POLO-OWWA Riyadh office.

Step-by-step process of paying the OWWA membership

To proceed with the application and pay for the OWWA membership fee, please follow these steps:

  1. Schedule an appointment with the POLO-OWWA Riyadh office. Make sure to select a convenient date and time for your visit.
  2. On the day of your scheduled appointment, bring a printed copy or a screenshot of your confirmed booking appointment. Show this to the security officer at the entrance of the premises. They will allow you to enter.
  3. Prepare and bring all the necessary and complete documents required for the OWWA membership. These documents may include identification, proof of employment, and any other specific requirements stated by OWWA or POLO-OWWA Riyadh.
  4. Once inside, proceed to the payment counter. Inform the staff that you are there to pay for the OWWA membership fee. They will provide you with the necessary information and assist you in completing the payment process.
  5. Pay the OWWA membership fee as instructed. The staff will inform you of the amount to be paid and the accepted payment methods. Follow their instructions and complete the payment.
  6. After making the payment, collect the receipt or transaction proof from the payment counter. This receipt serves as proof of your transaction and membership payment.
  7. Congratulations! With the receipt in hand, you are now officially a member of OWWA.

Reminders during the Day of Appointment in Riyadh

In addition to the mentioned requirements and steps, it is important to remember the following points for a hassle-free OWWA membership renewal or application in Riyadh:

  1. Ensure that you have all the required documents filled out correctly. Incomplete requirements will not be accepted, so make sure everything is in order before going to the POLO-OWWA Riyadh office.
  2. Bring a printed copy or screenshot of your booking confirmation email. Without a booking confirmation, you will not be allowed to enter the premises.
  3. Dress appropriately in smart casual attire on the day of your visit. Sleeveless or tank tops, sandals, shorts, miniskirts, ripped jeans, and slippers are not allowed as it is a government office. Even if you have a booking confirmation, you will be denied entry if you are not dressed properly.
  4. Arrive at least 15 minutes early for your scheduled appointment. If you are bringing a car, arrive even earlier as parking space is limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check out the following questions and answers about the POLO-OWWA office in Riyadh:

1. Is POLO Riyadh under OWWA?

No, POLO and OWWA are two agencies under DOLE. OWWA is mandated to protect and promote the welfare of OFWs abroad, while POLO works as DOLE’s direct link to implement the labor laws and programs. However, these 2 agencies work hand in hand, so you can expect that there is a dedicated OWWA counter in the POLO Riyadh office.

2. How can POLO-OWWA Riyadh help OFWs?

The POLO-OWWA Riyadh office primarily helps OFWs through the following:

  • Employment Promotion
  • Workers Protection- Mediation, Handling of Requests for Assistance, Shelter Provision
  • Community Networking- DOLE/OWWA-Microsoft Tulay Project, Reintegration Preparedness Program Overseas Labor Education Program
  • Provide Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC)

3. Where is the POLO-OWWA Riyadh office located?

If you have been to the POLO-OWWA Riyadh office, they just relocated this July 1, 2021. Their office is now at 3267 Makkah Al Mukarramah Branch Road, Al Mutamarat, Riyadh 12711 8103.

4. Can I book an appointment with POLO-OWWA Riyadh even if I have work?

Yes, you can book an appointment even if you have work. Since the appointment booking is online, you can easily book anytime. However, be sure to take a day off on the day you book your appointment. For appointment bookings, visit the POLO-OWWA Riyadh website at

5. Can I pay the membership fee without going to the POLO-OWWA Riyadh office?

Yes, paying the OWWA membership fee can be done without going to the POLO-OWWA Riyadh office. Through the OWWA mobile app, you can process your membership application via mobile phone or desktop. Download the app, and proceed with the renewal of OWWA membership. Afterward, you can let your relatives in the Philippines pay the OWWA membership fee. They can pay at the nearest OWWA Regional Welfare office or accredited payment centers.

6. When can I become an OWWA member?

Whether you pay at the POLO-OWWA Riyadh office or online, you become an automatic member of OWWA after successfully paying for the membership fee contribution.

7. Does the OWWA membership expire?

Yes, the OWWA membership expires and only has two-year validity. The membership expires a day after you paid for the fee. On the other hand, OFWs who change to a new employer without exceeding the two-year validity will automatically become an “INACTIVE” member. Since the OWWA membership validity only applies to the same employer indicated on the application. So if you change to a new employer, even if it’s only half a year, your OWWA membership will automatically expire.

8. How much is the OWWA membership fee in Riyadh?

The OWWA membership fee is SAR 94, both for new applications and renewals.

9. Where can I apply for OWWA membership if I’m not working in Riyadh?

If you’re an OFW based in other countries, you can renew or apply for OWWA membership at the closest POLO-OWWA office. There are over 34 POLO offices throughout Europe, America, Asia, Africa, the Pacific, and the Middle East. So applying for OWWA membership is very accessible.

10. Does the POLO-OWWA Riyadh office process passport renewal?

No, the POLO-OWWA Riyadh office does not process the renewal of the Philippine passport. Their only duty is to protect, promote, and provide for the needs of OFWs across the globe. If you’re planning to renew your passport, you can visit the official website of the Embassy of the Philippines in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at this link –

 OWWA Membership in Riyadh

For more information about the OWWA membership appointment and renewal in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,


In conclusion, the application process for OWWA membership in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is very convenient for OFWs. Whether you’re a first-time applicant or renewing your membership, there are different options available to become an OWWA member.

For first-time applicants, you can visit the POLO-OWWA Riyadh office in person and submit the required documents. The office is located at [provide the complete address here]. Alternatively, you may also apply online through the OWWA website or through the POLO-OWWA Riyadh’s online portal, if available. The online application process provides a convenient option, especially for those who prefer to complete the process from the comfort of their own homes.OWWASaudi Arabia Appointment and Membership in Riyadh,

For those who are renewing their membership, you may follow the renewal process outlined by OWWA. This usually involves submitting the necessary documents and payment to the designated OWWA office. It’s important to check the specific requirements and procedures for renewal, as they may vary depending on the guidelines set by OWWA and POLO-OWWA Riyadh.

If you have any further inquiries or need assistance with your OWWA membership application, you can contact the POLO-OWWA Riyadh office through their contact details provided below:

POLO-OWWA Riyadh Office Contact Details:

  • Phone: [provide the phone number]
  • Email: [provide the email address]
  • Office hours: [mention the office hours when they can be reached]

Feel free to reach out to them with any questions or concerns you may have. They will be able to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information regarding the OWWA membership application process in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Contact Details

POLO-OWWA Riyadh – Central Region Office
Address: 3267 Makkah Al Mukarramah Branch Road, Al Mutamarat, Riyadh 12711 8103
OWWA Riyadh Hotline: +966 50 285 0944
POLO Riyadh Email:
OWWA Riyadh Email:
Facebook Page:

Google Map Location

Below is a map guide of the POLO-OWWA Riyadh office. This is the new location of the POLO office so please be guided.

Google Map Location

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